I.O.T Petroleum Sdn Bhd

I.O.T Petroleum Sdn Bhd (IOT) (Company No.594174-W) was incorporated in 28-9-2002. Its primary intention was to engage with specialization of lubricant engineering especially in the oil and gas industry, petrochemical and general industry. From humble beginnings and under capable and progressive leadership, the company has successfully grown and diversified.

Evolving from simple trading activities, IOT has stretched its horizon to become a recognized leader for quality proven products in lubricating oils as well as a manufacturer of grease.

With a small and dedicated team of experienced and skilled personnel, IOT has developed brand awareness, provided, maintained and continuously improving Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well as ensuring and developing quality products and services. IOT strives on Reliability, Customer Satisfaction, Commitment to Quality and Innovation. It is able to preserve these guiding principles as a family owned business since it was founded.

IOT recognizes that beneficial products and services can fulfill the current market requirements but it takes more than products and services to forge ahead and maintain the lead. It takes foresight, strategic business planning, thinking ahead and customer care to nurture its expansion to be a major player in the manufacturing and engineering of superior lubricating oil and grease products.