IOT PETROLEUM SDN BHD is a privately held company with a back ground of specialized expertise in lubrication engineering. IOT offers a total selection of conventional lubricants (none-grade and multi-grade of oil and greases) which commonly available in the market. The performance and utility is accomplished under the guidance of out experience management and support engineering teams. In additional we are always stand ready to provide excellent services to facilitate our customer’s acceptation and assistance to the users, to ensure that they are getting the most appropriate products for their specific requirement.
5W/40 Fully Synthetic 10W/10 Semi Synthetic 10W/30 High Performance

15W/40 High Speed
Marine Engine
15W/50 High Speed
Marine Engine
20W/50 High Performancce
Boscher 40 High Performance

Multi-Grade Motor Oil XT 20W/50 Premium Engine Oil HD-40

General Lubricating Oil
2T Engine Oil Super Engine Oil HD 40